Help organizations create the best possible solutions within Machine Learning / AI, Cloud and digitalization initiatives.

Miles Granger

Cloud and ML Engineer


Data Science

Applied data science and machine learning implementations. A focus on well crafted solutions, following an iterative improvement approach without over-complication.

Amazon Web Services

Certified Solution Architect Assoc. and Machine Learning Specialty. Professional experience working with Lambda, Step Functions, RDS, DMS, CloudFormation, Serverless Application Model, and many others.


Personable, motivated and someone with a good sense of humor. Prioritizes honesty and transparency when approaching new challenges and working with others.

Main programming languages


Machine Learning, data engineering, ETL, and automation


Extremely high performance APIs, Kubernetes controller implementation, Python extension modules, and stable asynchronous and concurrent software.


Flutter framework for cross platform mobile, web, and desktop development.


Contact miles.granger@noetic.no for more information.